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HALT CREATION (2018-2020)

HALT started off as a hobby project in University HAlT works with small businesses to create their own line of products. Throughout the process of design and manufacturing, HALT is now a showcase or strategic solutions to challenges include design services, manufacturers sourcing, marketing, and event planning.

The showcase of HAIT illustrates dynamic shits or colours
and infinite potentials or various combinations. Colour-defined collections embed personalities into the themes along with fabrics and sewing techniques.

sound engineering

The method of production for the CYOR soundtrack is simplified into a phone and a laptop. First, the phone creates the bits and pieces of a song with a music making app Figure. Then, with a cable, the data is exported to the laptop and glue the bits and pieces with Logic Pro X. The Mastering process is automated with the use of AI powered mastering software LANDR.

Each piece represents a colour, each colour represents a unique characteristic.

CYOR soundtrack

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